“Mojave Mosaics” – Art Show in the Desert!

This coming October I’ll be launching my month-long art exhibition, “Mojave Mosaics.” I’ve spent the better part of the year lovingly toiling away on my stained glass mosaics and am excited that the date is finally approaching!

My mosaics for this exhibit are all desert-themed, with a focus on southern Nevada, my former home.


“High Winds Over the Mojave” Stained glass mosaic by Angel La Canfora

Some were created for hanging in windows while others were made for wall-hanging. All artworks will be for sale with a cut of the profits going towards the museum.

It will be held at the Lost City Museum in Overton, Nevada, just outside Valley of Fire State Park and Lake Mead. I exhibited at this very museum just two years ago and am thrilled that they asked me back! The museum itself is amazing — built in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps to house artifacts from prehistoric archaeological sites that were uncovered or destroyed in the construction of nearby Hoover Dam.


“The Red Rock Climbers” Stained glass mosaic by Angel La Canfora

This beautiful pueblo-style building on the National Register of Historic Places is sprawling and even has outdoor exhibits, such as a Native American Pit House. There’s much to see!

The museum is located about an hour’s drive from Vegas but it’s right off Interstate 15, so it makes a fun detour if you’re heading out to Zion or Bryce Canyon. And if you’re going to Valley of Fire State Park then you have no excuse not to check it out, as it’s quite literally mere minutes away!



Here’s the low down;

When: October 1st – 31st

Where: Lost City Museum, 721 S Moapa Blvd, Overton, NV

Phone: (702)397-2193

Cost: $5 for adults & seniors but free for children under 18

Lost City Museum’s website

What: “Mojave Mosaics” Artworks by Angel La Canfora