It’s Getting Different All the Time

The Beatles sang, “it’s getting better all the time.” But is it? What is “better,” anyway? In my copy of the New Oxford-American dictionary, “better” is defined as “more excellent (did Bill & Ted contribute copy to this edition?!) or “effective type or quality.”

We Americans are linear thinkers, culturally bred to believe that if we do A it will certainly lead to B. But life’s not linear. It’s gooey and doughy and squishy. As a realist firmly implanted in my middle-ages, I have decided that I don’t like the phrase “it’s going to get better.” Dashed hopes are a drag. But before you go calling me defeatist, or worse, a buzzkill, hear me out first!

I believe in “different.”

What we can all count on is that tomorrow will be different from today. Maybe not in a huge, dramatic way, but there will be varations on themes, brought on by the weather, other people’s moods, the unforeseeable, the unknowable. Maybe Anonymous will hijack Google and you won’t have access to your email all day. Or maybe your best manfriend/womanfriend will ask you to marry them, etc. So no matter what your day is like today, tomorrow will be different, you can always count on that. Of course, you may genuinely have a better, more excellent day tomorrow, but you can take solace, when you lay down to sleep tonight, that tomorrow will be unequivocally different. Or, if you’re living your dream life and don’t require solace, then you can go to bed knowing that tomorrow may bring new, shiny things. Who knows? That’s what makes life interesting. That’s what makes life.

Embrace different!

A different kind of sunset scene. Photo by A. La Canfora

A different kind of sunset scene. Photo by A. La Canfora

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